Thursday, May 1, 2014

April OPAM

On Saturday, DH and I are going to a 2 yr. old's birthday party.  I was asked to make the little girl a sleeping pillow and a couple of pillowcases.  After checking it out on the web, it seems that these pillows can only be 2" thick.

My bag of poly batting scraps came down from the high shelf and after cutting out 5 layers, I decided to make four pillows in total.  Two for the little girl and two more for a little boy when he turns two in November.

Shown below, the reason for stitching all the layers together is to prevent any layer from shifting when the pillow is washed.  Only one pillow was requested, but then I thought about what happens during the night if one of them gets sick all over their pillow.  Having another one on hand will be most welcome.

The white pillows below will have their own pillowcase once I figure out what colours the little guy will be using in his bedroom.  The pink pillows will be gifted to the little gal on Saturday. 

The pillows are tiny .... 13" x 17".  The kids are tiny, so they need a tiny pillow.  These will do until they transition to a regular sleeping pillow.

For me, it was a win/win project.  I got rid of half a bag of poly batting scraps and sheeting scraps and something got finished for my April OPAM (One Project a Month).

Have a great day!

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