Monday, May 26, 2014

Being Silly

You know, fresh air and nice warm spring temperatures can do silly things to a person's mind, making them do silly things.  Bear with me and read on ....

For my hexagon quilt, it has been bugging me on what title to put on the label (I do like to give my quilts proper names).  Foremost in my mind, it was Hollyhocks in a Castle Garden (see post here about it).  Then, once it was hung up on the wall in our dining room, my DH took one look at it and said: "it looks like a field of flowers".  Darn.  Now what title to name that quilt?

Lately, Miss Ashes and I have been taking nightly strolls around the property and while she has been eating grass, I've been looking at my neighbour's garden.  Those neighbours have been there for nearly 40 years and they work at keeping their garden in good order.

The first photo below shows the start of some of their spring flowers (their garden is fuller looking   and on the other side of the little fence that shows in the bottom left side of the photo).  Our garden is different and we are in the process of changing the beds, but being the newbies on the block (only our second year here), our spring flowers are looking a tad sparse. 

So, while Miss Ashes is eating her grass, I'm looking at both beds and thinking about my hexagon quilt and how it would look wonderful in the bit of green.  Remember, DH said my quilt looked like a field of flowers.

Well, being of silly mind, I did just that. 
Are you laughing yet?

Silly?  Yes, but not crazy enough to leave it there!  :o)

It didn't bother me to put my quilt on the grass since it was being washed again anyway.

This is where I'm embarrassed.  Remember me boasting about Crayola Washable Markers and how all the markings come out.  Well, much to my surprise, there were eight hexies that the markers did not come out on the first washing.  Only on this fabric.  I don't know why?  All my fabrics are pre-washed as soon as they come into the house.  So, I will dab on some Dawn detergent and rub gently and then put the quilt through a wash cycle and check to see if the markings come out.
They came out!  Yay!  See, I told you they come out!  Maybe just not always on the first wash.  :o)
Ah, life is grand as peace and harmony has descended on our home once again.
Oh, the label and what title?
Have a great day!

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eloidastitches said...

What beautiful soft colors. Very pretty. A gorgeous quilt.

Chookyblue...... said...

the quilt looks lovely in the garden............soft and pretty....

Jennifer said...

Wow, you grow quilts as well as flowers in your garden! Are they grown from cuttings? What are the flowers? they are very pretty.

QuiltSue said...

What a great garden to have that grows quilts as well as flowers! I love your solution to the quilt's name.

Deanna W said...

Well I think it looks like flowers too but maybe a later summer flower bed and not spring flowers!! Glad the markings came out. Don't like using any chemicals on the quilt. I stick with white chalk or lightly mark with old fashion pencil.