Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Anyone for an apple core?

You know, I really should be working on putting the binding on my hexagon quilt and borders on my Scrappy Mountain Majesties and Granddaughter's Garden and finishing up a couple of secret projects ....

.... but .... no .... I just had to start making this apple core project.  It was yelling at me to start it and, what the heck, I just need to make the quilts that my heart tells me to. 

Well, it got started and I'm loving this pattern and it really is quite easy to do.  It is not intimidating after all!   I'm not sure how big it will be as the fabrics that are being used is just a fat eighth package and some strips and charms, plus my shirting fabrics that was in my stash.
To help me not run out of fabrics and to have an even overall look, I will divvy up my pieces as I showed in this post

If anyone is looking for me .... well, you know where to look!  :o)

Have a great day!

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