Saturday, January 25, 2014

Update on Promise of Spring

Here we are again ..... working on another UFO.  While I have the energy and enthusiasm, I will forge ahead and seriously work on older projects.  The lure of new projects is very strong and I must resist! 

The new year saw me working again on Kim Diehl's Promise of Spring.  After doing some prep work of more circles, leaves, etc., and a bit of hand sewing, this is the progression of this project since the beginning of January.
This is what it looked like the first week of January:

Lots more has been appliqued on and I have been waiting for Blogger to fix the photo loading problem for the last couple of weeks ... but alas, it is still not working, so I will go with what I had loaded onto this post before the problem.
I did take photos of what this top looked like the 2nd and 3rd weeks of January.  I'm very pleased with my progress and how I'm sticking to finishing it.  Those photos will be shown .... hopefully soon.

As I was working on cutting up some of the squares to add to the bottom corner sections, I only found enough of this striped fabric to make the remaining squares that are needed.  Four of those squares have been pieced together .... that is how short of fabric that is left!  Can I purchase more of this fabric?  Nope, it came from a shirt at a thrift store.  So, do you see that little pile of scraps.  That is it!

It will work out, after all, because those pieced squares will be used where you see the arrows.  The stem and leaves will hide the fact that they have been pieced.  Whew .... that was just a tad too close for comfort!

Have a great day!