Thursday, February 6, 2014

Progress, progress, progress

Well, here is an updated photo of my Promise of Spring that I have been trying to upload:

If you go to my previous post, you can see a huge difference.  I've been diligently working on this project since the beginning of the new year ..... am so determined to get this to a completed top stage soon.

Do you see the bottom right block?  On all the photos before this one, all the pieces were pinned in place and it always looked like it was done.  Nope, but now those pieces are finally getting sewn.

So, there is just that block plus the bottom right border to do and then the outer borders squares to do and this top will be done.  I will be needing hand work while the Sochi Olympics are on and this will be perfect.

Now, my problems with Blogger and Internet Explorer still continue.  DH came to my rescue and loaded Firefox onto my computer and now I am finally able to load photos.  If anyone else is experiencing issues and revert to Firefox, you will still see that rotating ball but you should be able to load your photos.

Thank you for the emails asking if all was well with me.  It was just this uploading issue that was holding me back.

I'm so happy, happy, happy!

Have a great day!

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