Monday, January 6, 2014

Oh, Sweet William

Oh yes,  I have my own pattern now!  I have been drooling over the different blogs around the world that have been showing their progress as they work on their blocks and I just had to have the pattern too.   A few clicks of the button and a few weeks later, my pattern was in my hands.
You, too, can order the pattern from here and you will have it within a week or two depending on where you live.

Then, I found the perfect yellow gingham from Sew Sisters in Toronto.  I checked and they do ship out of Canada.  Here is the link for that fabric.

Sweet William is my first new project for 2014.  There will be a few more!

Then, my friend, no-blog Mary,  of We 3 Quilters sent me a gift.  Mary and I decided to exchange Xmas gifts this year.  I just love the x-stitch that she did in my hanging.  In the lower left corner, she made a zippered bag and included an ornament kit for me to work on.  Thank you, Mary.  Unfortunately, my gift to her is still in progress and it will get done and will be sent off to her before this month is over.

Have a great day!