Monday, March 18, 2013

A quilting tale

You know, my nieces and nephews have quite the sense of humour.  I received this email yesterday from my niece, Nicole:

Once upon a time, a beautiful favourite niece princess spent her spring break with her uncle and aunt (the Quilting Queen) in their ice castle in Toronto.  The Quilting Queen figured that the princess should learn how to quilt, and so they started a quilt project. 
Years and years went by (8, actually), and although the princess diligently added a few lines every now and then, things kept getting in the way (an honours thesis, teacher's college, a wedding, new house, and a baby).  
Finally, one day, the princess finished sewing all fifty billion bleeping lines into the quilt, so she emailed her aunt and said "Dearest Quilting Queen- I think it's time for binding!"
To be continued.... 
Hmmmmm ..... I wonder what her reaction will be when I tell her that she needs to cut all those fifty gazillion lines first before binding gets sewn on(it will be a chenille quilt)?  :o)
Have a great day!


Nadine said...

What a lovely story !
I'm curious seeing that quilt ;>)


Julie Fukuda said...

Cute story. Who gets to do the cutting? My story got a new twist when #3 daughter took her brother's baby quilt home to replace the worn out stitching. With that finished and time still left, she is now beginning to repair the embroidery. Nothing like a quilt princess that does YOUR work!

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Hahahaha. That would be a great photo opportunity.

Jennifer said...

That is so funny! Do let us know the reaction.

Deb said...

I am anxious to see how the story ends.

hetty said...

Wonderful story. I am curious to see how it ends.