Friday, March 1, 2013

We 3 Quilters' visit, Part 1

A week ago today, my friends,  Debra and no-blog Mary flew from Toronto for a visit.  DH and I drove to Sudbury to pick them up (about 1-1/2 hr. drive) at the airport and back home to North Bay for a 4 day visit.  Debra is on the left, that is me in the centre and Mary on the right.  Everyone was bundled up for the cold weather; but the girls bought warm temps with them for their visit, which was such a nice relief from the cold, cold weather we had been having.

Once home, a house tour had Mary twirling around in our living room singing 'The hills are alive .....'.  They loved seeing my quilts everywhere, they loved our home and they loved the snow.  They were amazed at what we had done on our home since we moved in.  Our home is a work-in-progress at the moment.
We all wore socks and slippers .... except Debra.  She went around our home barefoot.  She even posed for a photo outside in the snow.  Brave of her to do so!  Actually, I think she was digging for the bottles of Skinny Cow that were thrown outside into the snow bank to cool off.  :o)

Debra was given the bedroom adjacent to my studio.  She works different shifts and I knew that she would be awake at different times to the rest of us and she could applique and watch TV while we slept.

I tried to make the sitting area in my studio as comfortable as possible. 

Comfortable chairs - check
Good lighting - check
Quilt magazines - check
Quilts to snuggle into - check
Don't we all look cosy and settled in? 
I have always wanted a wall to display my mini quilts and I now have it.  There are more quilts to put up, but this is a nice display so far.

Lots of eye candy - check

Mary slept here and I think she was thrilled with her bedroom.
Of course, there was an extra quilt if she needed it. 
So, this is part 1 of their visit.  Come back for more.
Have a great day!


Julierose said...

Thanks for the "peek" into your home, rose Marie; isn't that exciting to have two quilty friends visit? I just love that dresden quilt on the spareroom bed--so pretty. Julierose

Julie Fukuda said...

If I hadn't just had a visit with a quilty friend, I would be even more jealous. Such fun!

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

it sounds like a wonderful time for friends and surrounded by quilts what could be better!

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed tagging along with you gals while viewing the photos of your pretty house. Sounds like a really fun time for you three.

Dolores said...

What a treat for all of you.

Chookyblue...... said...

you have everything organised so beautifully.......enjoy your time with the girls.......hope those feet don't freeze......

Jennifer said...

Oh my.....that snow in the back yard is deep! Looks as though you all had a fun visit, and I have seen that blue coat before too....somewhere......*grin*

Karendianne said...

What a delight. You've made everything so wonderful. Somehow I just smile at the name "No blog Mary!" It's so cool. Debra out barefoot in the snow is my kind of gal. What fun friends you have which means to me - you're extra fun, too. And lets just give a big hug of appreciation to DH for driving to Sudbury and back.

Also, thank you for the lovely pictures of more of your quilts. Ahhh… delightful and charming over coffee. I think that's you - not the quilts. Well, okay yes, the quilts, too. :() hee.

Monica said...

The name "no-blog Mary" made me laugh too! Isn't it funny when that becomes the exception instead of the rule!