Thursday, June 7, 2012

It is starting ....

... to feel like home ..... in a few places ...... but not in my studio.  It hasn't changed much since the time we moved in.
 Boxes and bins galore!
 DH has been busy getting shelving and cabinets set up so that I can start to unload boxes.
Our backyard is gorgeous.  Look at these flowers and the smell is wonderful.  Each day is a total surprise to see what new flower has bloomed.  Our backyard goes up, up, up a hill.  We do have a lovely view and I will show more of that at a later date.  We have met a few of our neighbours and they have warned us about bears, wolves and foxes.  We will have to be careful with the girls on a leash outside on the back patio.
Most of my quilts have been found and I'm starting to display them around our home.  I just love this huge basket for these quilts.  
Here is my origami (My Fantasy Garden) quilt in our living room hanging above a dresser that Debra gifted to us.  What a lovely statement this makes in our home.  Thank you so much, Debra .... we love it!
Finally, a wee hanging that Debra gave to me just before we moved.  This is my Xmas gift exchange for We 3 Quilters.  I love it!!!!  It was not the original piece that she showed me as she encountered a problem so gave this to me instead. Can you see her big stitch quilting?  Debra took a class just the day before and had it all quilted and bound and washed before giving it to me.  I think this big stitch quilting is something that I'm going to have to try for sure.   This quilt is now hanging in our upstairs landing.  Just awesome!

A member of the Near North Quilting Guild sent me a welcome email and has invited me to attend their upcoming meeting as well as a meeting for the Embroidery Guild.  What a lovely welcome .... thank you, Wendy.  I'm not able to go this time but come September, I will try the guild experience one more time.

There are boxes calling my name and I must go tackle them.

Have a great day, eh!


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the move, you sound so happy and excited. I love the photos!

Karen said...

The quilt above hanging above the dresser/table looks very good. Both of them. You are beginning to make a home of your new house. I suppose the sewing room was not as important to set up as the kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom but you will really feel settled once all your fabric and tools are ready for use.

Jennifer said...

It will take a little while yet, but you will be settled in before you know it! Your new garden flowers are so pretty.

Kiera-Oona said...

Trying to unpack is always a bit of a pain, but once you're settled in, everything will fall into place. Sorry I havent commented recently. I've had a few life things all over the place lately.

hetty said...

Getting organized after a move can be a pain, but with your handy hubby you'll have things under control in no time. I love the origami quilt! Beautiful. It seems you have flowers inside and out. Those day lilies are gorgeous.

loulee said...

Wishing you may happy years in your new home.

Dolores said...

I attended the Near North Quilt show a couple of years ago (my quilting buddy friend is from North Bay and I accompanied her on one of her visits.) There was some great work being done and the ladies were very nice. I do hope you join so that more people can see your lovely work (hoping you enter quilts in their show.)