Thursday, March 29, 2012

Table and chairs

Since our new home will be a little bit bigger than our current home, there was a need to go out and buy some furniture for our kitchen and dining room. So, off to a few thrift store I went with Debra to look and see what can be found. Actually, we went shopping at a quilt store first and then went thrifting .... but that is another story. :o)

First off, I bought this antique table ($100.00) that you can only see part of in the photo below. It was quite the struggle to get this table into a storage pod that is currently sitting in our driveway and there is no way it is coming out for a photo. You will have to be patient and wait to see it in our new home. Can you see the balled feet? It is absolutely gorgeous.

This antique table was quite the find and I left Debra guarding it while I went to the cash to pay for it. In the thrift store, the table was partially hidden and it was only after we pulled it out to get a better look that other people in the store saw it and came over and suddenly they were interested in it also.

Originally, the price was $200.00 but there was a 50% sale on all furniture that day and that is how I got it for $100.00. Lucky or what! We couldn't take it with us that day but returned the next day and looked around the store for chairs and Debra talked (she wasn't going to take 'no' for an answer) the manager into letting me buy just the chairs (they came with a table which I didn't want) and he debated about it and finally sold them to me for $40.00 for the 6 chairs! Good Lord, I was having a great time of it. All of these chairs will be painted after we move but they will be perfect for our kitchen.

Then, this past weekend, DH and I went to a nearby senior citizens' residence for a furniture sale and we came home with this Duncan Fife table and 4 chairs ($275.00 for the set). I already own a Duncan Fife table and 4 chairs but the new-to-me table is a classier model which we will use in our dining room. My chair set has the blue seat cover. Now, all the chairs will get re-uphostered and can all be used together with this table. The 2 sets of chairs are slightly different, but the style is the same and all will work just fine together. The greenish colour seat covers are all needlepoint and they will be removed and framed. Some lady spent a lot of time making those seat covers and I will honour her work by framing them.
So, no more thifting for me, eh!
Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

Great finds! Lucky you.

Vivian said...

I love your finds! I always love a good "catch" at the thrift store.

You said you were going to frame the chair cushion embroidery but how about cutting the cushions into four squares and do a four block quilted table cover like in the the antique four block applique quilts?

Deb said...

Vivian has a great idea! that would look lovely.
I love your new set, I sure wish I could have gone to that sale. you just look so happy and beaming.

Are you still able to go to quilt stores??

paulette said...

SCORE!! Love your 'new' finds!! You got to love thrifting!!

Quiltgal said...

You are quite the shopper. The Duncan Fife table and chairs are beautiful.

QuiltSue said...

Wowwee, sounds like you found some great bargains there. I was quite amused to see the table seems to be sitting on a box of fabrics in the first photo!

Test Killer said...

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Bunny said...

Great deal on ding room table. It looks like mine I have had for 50 years and was my MIL's that they bought when they got married. Thanks for your comment on my blog.