Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Pumpkin pattern

Someone asked if my pumpkin pattern was my design .... wish I was that clever! :o) Nope, this is the book that the pattern came from.

When I did the pumpkins, I followed the templates for some .... and then .... the shape of two of the pumpkins (the large one and the small flatish pumpkin) were slightly altered as well as some of the stems. You will have to go down to my post below this one to see the differences. Just click onto the photo and see if you can spot them.
Very rarely do I follow a pattern. I need to make it my own. When I first started to quilt, one quilt pattern was followed exactly and everytime I look at it now, it reminds me to do any future patterns my way.
Have a great day!


Mary Lou Casada said...

Hey, Rose Marie!
I'm behind on my comments! I LOVE your pumpkins, and I'm delighted you make them "your way!" Gorgeous, as usual -- and inspiring! I need to drag out some oranges and see what I can dow ith them.
Mary Lou

Yankee Valley Stitcher said...

I have that book...woohoo! Cindy

Janet said...

I just love your version and it's great that you make the designs with your own touches.