Tuesday, February 17, 2009


My latest siggies have been arriving pretty steadily. Even my DH looks forward to seeing my siggies in the mail and where they come from. I love to hear about their lives and why they chose their siggy motif.
#1 - Petronella, France
#2 – Fenny, The Netherlands
#3 – Tonny, The Netherlands
#4 – Alberta, Italy
#5 – Manie, The Netherlands
#6 – Magdi, Hungary
#7 – Marion, Germany
#8 – Marga,The Netherlands
#9 – Julie, Australia
#10 – Ann, France Ann was the recipient of a mini quilt that I made for the 4SQS swap last year and when I saw her siggy, I just had to have one from her.
#11 - Mary, Florida, USA
#12 - Heike, Germany
#13– Teresa, Oregon USA
#14– Irmgard, Germany
#15– Marie-Louise, Switzerland

There are more to show but I need to get them pinned onto a board for photo taking. Instead of doing that, I have been busy working on blocks and hexagons to send to a couple of different places for victims of the bushfires in Australia. They need to be mailed ASAP as the folks down under need time to work on the blocks and quilts for the cooler weather approaching.

Have a great day!


Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Rose Marie how exciting ... so many different countries...

Margaret said...

G,Day Rose Marie, I received your siggie this morning and I will get one off to you next week.Thanks for the Niagara Snow, When I was there back in 1989, it was a beautiful summer's day. Hard to imagine so much ice.

Carrie P. said...

Great little blocks. I wish I could enlarge the picture so I could see them closer. Looks like a lot of fun.

Julia said...

Rose Marie how exciting ... Great little blocks...from different countries