Friday, February 27, 2009

Different siggies

I just can’t seem to get enough of siggies these days. So ….. to feed the craving, I have joined this new siggie group and have finished working on my 60 blocks which are due to send April 15.

Hooray …. I’m ahead of the game and so glad that I didn’t wait until a few weeks before the deadline to start working on them. These blocks seemed to take forever to finish.

It is funny, because I saw these siggies a few years ago and was not interested in them at all for swapping. Not at all. Then suddenly, a few months ago ... wham .... I just had to have them. Lately, I seem to find things that would not even stir a flicker of interest in me in the past until suddenly 'click' and the lightbulbs are flashing and I am very interested. So, you just never know when the 'click' will happen to you.

Have a great weekend!


Teresa said...

LOL...I have those clicking moments way too often and once I commit, then I think...What was I thinking!!!!

Donna said...

what a blessing to grow and change and have our interests do the same :-)

~Bren~ said...

That is exactly what has happened with me and hexagons!

Unknown said...

I haven´t got time to have a click :) I hope I will not get the Siggies click.

Kaaren said...

Hi Rose Marie,

Thanks for the comments you left on my blog about my quilt cupboard.

I'm facinated about this siggie swap and I clicked on the link in your latest post but it really doesn't explain what it's all about. I know today is the last day to sign up so I'm probably too late for this one.

Thanks again and please come back for a visit any time.

*karendianne. said...

I for one significantly dig them!