Friday, December 12, 2008

Prints in the snow …

Envelopes have been arriving with siggies from around the world. What fun it is to open the letters and see what someone has sent me. :o) Quite often, I don't know that a siggie is coming to me until I receive the envelope. To me, each time I go to the mail box I'm curious to see what is there besides bills and junk mail. These are what came in recently. 
#1 – Cuny from The Netherlands 
#2 – Vera from Belgium (Vera is 72 and still quilting ….. well done) 
#3 – Anita from Belgium (Vera is the mother, and Anita is her daughter) 
#4 – Bonnie from North Carolina,U.S.A. 
#5 – Renee from The Netherlands 
#6 – Kieny from Taiwan #7 – Puck from The Netherlands 
#8 – Tini from The Netherlands (Tini is 71 yrs. old and still quilting ..... bravo).
#9 - Freda from California, U.S.A.

....... and here are my siggies that have been sent out. 

Prints in the snow. That is what happens when we get the first dusting of snow. Prints. What animal made them? It is always fun for me to take a peek and try to figure out who made them. When we were young, my Dad taught us how to recognize paw prints whenever we went with him into the bush. It was fascinating to try and figure out if some of the tracks were being stalked and how fresh the prints were. I love the fabric that was used to make the triangles. It was perfect to frame my center block. I say ‘was’ because there isn’t anymore of it left. Making these siggies is a good way to use up scraps and good to get them out of my stash. 


Teodo said...

Here there is a lot of snow.
ciao ciao

Marilyn Robertson said...

Your siggies from around the world are so beautiful and fun too!

Unknown said...

It is always exciting to get something quilty in the mail.

Teresa said...

Such pretty blocks. You are going to have a great quilt some day.

*karendianne. said...

I enjoy looking at the different ones. Makes a person daydream I think.