Tuesday, December 2, 2008

In a teasing mood .....

There is not much to show for quilting around my house right now ….. so will be pulling from my archives. 

To start, these blocks are just a section of a Baltimore style quilt which we use to hang in our dining room for Christmas. You will just have to come back to see the other sections.

My sources for these blocks are: (I rarely follow a pattern and substitute my own version)

left - Evening Dew (quilting motif from Quiltmaker.com)

middle - Shattered Star (McCall's Quilting, Dec.2001 magazine - the center portion of the block was changed by adding an applique motif)

right - Pink Thistle (Conway Album-I'm Not From Baltimore-book) and of course, I just had to change the colour to blue! :o)

Have a great day!


Brenda said...

Very pretty and wonderful colors.

Anonymous said...

You have a wonderful web-log and I like your quilts.
Thank you for sending me your siggie.

Vrolijke groetjes Renee

Teresa said...

Oh I do love those blocks. I want to do a Baltimore style quilt too, but just can't seem to get excited about the album blocks I find in pattern books. Now yours I love. I'll be back to see the rest of the quilt!

Cathi said...

Those blocks are glorious! I had plans to do a Baltimore-style quilt but that seems to have gone right on the back burner -- so I'm really enjoying seeing yours!

Unknown said...

The blocks are beautiful and to change colours or something else is just better.

*karendianne. said...

Wow...and that doesn't seem like nearly enough to say.