Thursday, May 1, 2008

Winter is not over!

Snowmen – What is winter without them? They are so happy, they are levitating. Do you like the quilt on the little guy? The quilting lines are Northern Lights. Only once have I ever seen them and they were just jaw dropping to witness.

Icicles – Yep, I love icicles. There are tiny crystals sewn at the bottom of some of them to represent melting. They always fascinated me and if there was more than one drop at a time from one icicle, that was awesome.

The lake scene – Reminds me of our cottage and the landscape in winter.

Squeaky Snow - Oh …. the sound snow makes when you walk on it once the temperature drops well below freezing.

Snowflakes – When I see these snowflakes, they remind me of ice skaters doing their spin. I did have beads on the centre of a few; but took them off and replaced with the snowflake buttons.

Thank you, Tonya for issuing a challenge to join your class.

Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

an absolutely stunning quilt, l loved it as soon as l saw it way back when you first started Sue....

loulee said...

Wow! Thank you, I thoroughly enjoyed the guided tour of your beautiful quilt and reading about the inspiration behind each block.


Tonya Ricucci said...

I sooo love this quilt and love it that much more learning about the meaning. you did such an amazing job. you keep your house at 70 degrees in winter? aaaaghhh. I hope you keep making more quilts in your wonderful style - no need to wait for classes.

Sara said...

Thanks for sharing the close-ups and inspiration for each part. I grew up in Minnesota, so everything but the igloo is familiar (though we built "forts" for snowball fights).

Vivian said...

When I saw this quilt in your recent post, I wanted to know the background on it. Glad I found all the posts by using the "Lazy Gal" link in your profile. It sure looks like you had a lot of fun making this tribute to the tundra months!