Sunday, August 5, 2007

Pillow Shams

Does anyone make pillow shams anymore?

Usually, I make pillow cases using some of the fabric from the quilt to match. The bride requested pillow shams and that is what she got.

Had a bit of dilemma for one of the navy blue blocks had to be pieced to make up these shams. There are only scraps of that fabric left.

Have a nice day!


loulee said...

Very pretty. I asked myself if I should make matching pillows for my quilt, then decided I wouldn't use them, so I won't bother. It does look nice when a bed is all made up with matching pillows or cushions on display though, maybe I'll make something to scatter on the bed, just to keep teddy company! LOL

Ali Honey said...

Those should look great with the quilt, Well done !

~Bren~ said...

I have pillow shams. I really like the look. I think for my pink and brown I will just make pillow cases in cream and stitch in pink and brown on them.