Thursday, July 5, 2007

Quilt Journal

Guðrún at wanted to know what is written on the pages. It’s hard to see the pages in my quilt journal (guess I need to get myself a copy of Blogging for Dummies to find out what I’m doing that won’t allow the photos to be enlarged), so here is a copy of one of the pages.

QUILT #: 53

Quilt Name: My Fantasy Garden

Block Name: Daffodil, Petunia, Zinnia, Apple Tree, Foxglove, Weeping Cherry, Snapdragon, Fuchsia, Crepe Myrtle flower on Ginger stems

Pattern Source: “Fantasies & Flowers” by Kumiko Sudo

Block size: 11-1/4” x 11-1/4”
Quilt size: 45” wide x 44-1/2” high (top finished at 47-1/2” x 47-1/2”)
Batting: Micro safe poly scraps (purchased at xxxxxxxxx)
Date quilt started: January 31, 2005
Date quilt finished: April 23, 2007 Toronto, Ontario
Machine pieced by: Rose Marie xxxxxxxxxx
Hand appliquéd by: Rose Marie xxxxxxxxxx
Hand quilted by: Rose Marie xxxxxxxxxx

Label: The label has the following information on it:

Made by: Rose Marie xxxxxxx
April – 2007
Toronto, Ontario
“ My Fantasy Garden ”

I took a quilting course at xxxxxxxx given by Connie xxxxxxx. All these blocks are from the book “Fantasies & Flowers” by Kumiko Sudo.

Picture taken: Pictures were taken at xxxxxxxxxx, Toronto, Ontario

When I saw the hanging at the quilt store, I just had to sign up for the class. It’s not very often that I do take many quilting classes, but this quilt I had to make.

This quilt is part of the Yorkshire Rose Quilter’s Guild UFO Challenge and I’m glad that it is finally done.

The following occurred during its’ making:
1. January 2005 had its’ share of snowstorms in Toronto.
2. Visited my friend Susan xxxxxx new home in xxxxxxx, Ontario in Feb.2005. Saw Jason xxxxxx rap video that he had produced.
3. Niece Nicole xxxxxx visited Feb. 2005. She called our home “icicle house”.
4. More snowstorms.
5. Had most of the blocks made before the second quilting class.
6. Brought up the blocks to North Bay for Mom’s 87th birthday, Mar.9, 2005.
7. Worked on Apple Tree flowers during my visit with Paul and Marian xxxxxxx, Mar. 2005
8. We had our front and back maple trees trimmed Apr.11, 2006.
9. Had our living room ceilings done Jan.30, 2007
10. Started a quilting blog “Applique ‘n Patch Quilting” on Feb. 22, 2007
11. Apr.16, 2007 - mass murder of students and faculty at Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, Va. U.S.A. (33 dead).
12. Built a stone wall around maple tree on our front lawn and planted hostas.

Each quilt that I make is numbered in the journal as well as on the label (only started doing this a few years ago). Text information is on the Page 1 and quilt photos and a copy of the label is on Page 2. I don't keep record of fabric used. It becomes just to hard, especially when it is a scrapppy quilt.

Does this help anyone? It's a great trip down memory lane for me whenever I glance through the pages and a great way to document the quilts that I am proud to say that were made by me.

Have a great day!


atet said...

What a great idea! Love the way you have it organized. I really need to do something about my own quilts/projects. I have been better about getting pictures since I started the blog -- need pretties to look at, but some of my earliest works there are NO photos and not sure I can even get any!

Ali Honey said...

I do the same with my quilt projects. I hadn't saved my blog like that but am considering doing so now. Do you print it out each time you write a blog or do you wait till the post gets further down the page so to speak out of the way of all the stuff on the side bars?

Unknown said...

Thank you very much now I know ;) I got some great ideas how to improve my journal.

Teodo said...

Thanks this is a great Journal.
There is all your work-patchwork life and I think that will be nice to read this journal among few years.
ciao ciao

cmcscraps said...

Oh my, Thank you so much for sharing your Quilting journal. I just happened upon you blog from links from a previous blog and have to say, I love it. I have been quilting for just a few years and started a small journal but the details of what happened in your life during the making and the story behind why you made it make it all so special. I am going to add the stories to mine. Thanks,