Monday, April 17, 2023

Pesky Squirrel!

Oh dear, a squirrel and a herd of 10 deer came to visit!

I didn't get a photo of the deer .... we were too busy watching them!  Never have we seen so many at once.  Our neighbour called to ask if we are watching them too.  They have been living here for decades and they never saw that many in one go.

But .... that pesky squirrel ..... 

This will be perfect for a summer take along to the cottage.  Opening season will start next month as we are gearing up stuff for taking for the first trip into the cottage.  We just need the dirt road to dry up a bit more before attempting the trip.

This is a quilt-as-you-go hexagon quilt.  Really, really different for me.

How am I making these?  I found two different sized hexagon templates that work just fine.  There is enough seam allowance (5/8") for turning to make the binding around the edges.  More of a seam allowance would be better.  Here, you see, is the backing, the poly batting (hidden) and the top fabric.
After eyeballing the placement, all the pieces are pinned in place.
Now the folding over starts.  The bottom right has already been folded twice.  The arrow on the left shows just one fold to the edge of the inner pieces.    There will be one more fold and then I can move onto the next edge and so on.
Here is my completed hexagon with hand quilting in the center.
These are my two hexagon templates for cutting out the back and the top pieces.  For the batting, I just place the top piece on top of the batting and cut the batting with scissors.  Sorry, but I can't remember where these templates came from.  As you can see, they are not from the same set.
This is the start of my quilt.  None of the hexagons have been joined together yet.
About three a day can be made .... so the progress will be slow .... but in the end, I will have a completed quilt.
Fabrics are being auditioned to see what will work or not.

In the meantime, this project is using up a lot of charms from my stash plus leftover batting.  I'm using poly batting and it is making the hexies puffy.  I'm not sure this is me but will be interesting to do.  My garage friend made one in brighter colours and she used 80/20 batting.  Seeing her work on her quilt made me think I should, at least, just give it a try.

Cherish your day, cherish your life!


Deb said...

I love the idea of this project and makes it tempting to add one more project to my pile! I would also use different batting for the blocks meaning not all the same batting for the different texture.
Your fabrics are great and I love how it is forming.
I think this would be perfect for me to practice some machine quilting
How big are the hexies? and are you going to use the same backing for all the blocks?
your wildlife is getting quite ready for spring as well I see! Enjoy

Kyle said...

Looks like it will be fun!

loulee said...

This looks interesting....