Monday, April 24, 2023

Hexie quilt-along!

Well, well ..... surprise to me .... I'm actually loving this now.  When I first started, I wasn't sure at all and was thinking that this might just end up as a tote bag.  Instead, this will become a twin size quilt.

Three quilts were picked up from the LAer .... so these can be added to the pile for the monthly binding challenge.  I have enough quilts to do until the November challenge.  There are two more tops that will go to the LAer, so that will bring me to the end of this year and for January.  Not sure about next year unless a few more UFO's get completed.  Nah ..... who's kidding here ..... there will be more quilts for another year, for sure!  LOL

Cottage season will start soon and my quilting time will be limited.  There will be a few wee boys visiting and they will need to be entertained and watched over.

My shingles episode is getting better.  The blisters have healed nicely and each day the area is fading to a dull red versus the fiery red that it was, but the skin is just so, so tender right now.  Just a gentle breeze and rubbing against any kind of cloth and it hurts.   Any kind of scratching brings on a deep pain .... so no scratching allowed!     My shingles is in an area just above my waist to under my boob that extends from the middle of my chest to my side and to a few patches on my back.  No fun.  At least now, sleeping through the night is a good night.  For the first few weeks, I felt like Goldilocks and the three bears ... I just couldn't find a comfortable place to sleep and tried sleeping in bed, then on the couch in the living room then in my chair in my studio.  No place felt just right.  All I could get was just a few hours here and there and I was tired and in pain.  Meds helped for a bit, but that wore off after a few hours.  Now, meds are taken only when the pain gets bad.

So, on that note .... cherish your day, cherish your life!


loulee said...

So glad that you are starting to feel a little better. There is nothing worse than a pain you can't escape. I hope you continue to improve and that you are well again for cottage season. Of course you have plenty of quilts to keep you binding.

Kyle said...

Happy to hear you are finally feeling better. It won't be long before you can enjoy your cottage and tackling more binding!

Jennifer said...

So glad you are feeling better....shingles is so nasty. Loving the new project! We arrived home yesterday, I will give you the details shortly.

cityquilter grace said...

ewww rosemarie! so sorry for your painful situation...glad to hear it is slowly abating and will soon be gone...and whattapileoquilts!