Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Tick Off Another!

This is a long awaited ufo that has finally been ticked off the list!  Thanks to Chooky ( and her Churn Dash Challenge ..... this was pulled off the shelf and the top is done and will be going to my favourite LAer, Kathy, next week.  It was so nice to show off this top when I zoomed with Chooky last week.  Oh, happy, happy days!

This past weekend and this week, we have been having glorious weather with the temps going up to mid-twenties Celsius.  So nice, that my sister and I and our brother and SIL made a trip out to the cottage for a few days.  There was still some outdoor painting that needed to be done and that was achieved.  Yeah!

Here are some views of our lake.  Leaves have fallen and trees are bare now.

When we sat outside beside the fire one night, there was a lone wolf calling on the other side of the lake.  Just one howl that it kept repeating until in the far distance another wolf answered the call.
Chooky asked to see photos of our cottage.  So here they are but are closed up for the winter.  My sister and I share the cottage closest in this photo.  The green cottage is the bunkie for family and guests.  The far cottage is my brother's and SIL.  They are nothing fancy, but these are now over 50 yrs. since being built.

Status on the squirrel and it's abundance of cedar seeds .... they are still on the deck and on the ground.  We have seen signs that it is eating the seeds, but it doesn't seem compelled to store them away someplace.  Oh well ....

On our way home from the cottage, I said to my sister that it wouldn't surprise me if we didn't get stopped by the Ministry of Natural Resources.  It is moose hunting season now and there are a lot of hunters and sadly, poachers, around our cottage area.  Yep, we did get stopped and was asked if we had firearms.  Nope, we don't and off we went.

Now that work at the cottage has been completed for this year, I'm home more now and decided to pull another ufo off the shelf and get borders on it.  This top has two sides with first round of borders and then for some reason .... probably a squirrel came by ..... I stopped and binned this project.  Let's see if I can get the remaining borders on for next Tuesday to bring it also to the Kathy.
When I dropped off two tops with her a few weeks ago, Kathy mentioned to me that someone had started a rumour that her machine quilting business had stopped.  Now, why would someone do that?  Competition or just plain mean spirited?  So, anyone in my area reading my blog and wanting a top quilted, Kathy is still in business.  I'm in the North Bay, Ontario, Canada region and Kathy can be contacted at:

Cherish your day, cherish your life!


Vicki W said...

Your churn dash quilt is beautiful!

cityquilter grace said...

another stunner that UFO...the way you do sashings is nothing short of inspirational!

Nancy said...

Your churn dash quilt is spectacular! Congrats on finishing it.
Your second quilt in this post--it's one of few I've seen where the sashing and cornerstones are the focus and the blocks become the background. It's beautiful.
Do you live near your cottage or is it a distance from your home? Do you spend lots of time there in the summers? It looks inviting and comfortable.

loulee said...

Your churn dash looks fantastic, it must feel good to have it finally finished. Your new UFO is lovely too and to be so close to a finish on that one....It really won't take long to get those borders on.
You are keeping Kathy busy.
Your cottage looks cosy nestled away where it is.

Gretchen Weaver said...

Churn dash quilt is so pretty, the 2nd quilt is WOW! I don't remember that one at all. Happy stitching!

Jennifer said...

Well done on your churn churn dash dash......yes, two of each because there are two different size blocks. That flower trellis quilt is pretty too, a lovely spring/summer quilt. The cottage is in such a peaceful spot, we enjoyed our visit even though it was chilly! You wonder how a rumour like that would start and get around, don't you?

Kleine Vingers said...

Like the churndash quilt and the other you are working on.

karenbbsnow said...

Your Churn Dash is beautiful, set on point, the Churn Dash looks totally different.

One day I hope to join in on Chooky's Zoom group, it sounds fun.

Kyle said...

Your churn dash is fabulous. The sashing is totally awesome. So is the sashing on your next finish. Loved seeing your cottages. They remind me of the places I used to stay in in upper Michigan. What a special place for you and your family.

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

Two beautiful quilts in this post, Rose Marie. Loved seeing your cabins and how wonderful to spend fun time with family there each year. A wolf walked through our yard a couple of weeks back. I watched from the kitchen and it definitely was not a coyote. I was a bit nervous the next day but I'm sure it is far from here by now.