Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Back to UFO's

I've been playing with hexies and had a lot of fun, but that project is winding down (applique being sewn) and it was time to dig out an oldie ufo.

This one is old .... started way back in 2006.  This is how it looked then on the rug in our basement.  This was before I had a design wall and before we had the cats because they would have posed on the top.  So long ago .....

Anyway, I got stalled on the pieced border.  One side fit perfectly but when I tried putting another side on ..... nope too long.  I don't know why and it hurt my brain to try and figure the problem.  So it got balled up and put away.
Fast forward to fourteen years later and up on my design wall it went and after trying to figure out the pieced border issue ..... nope it will just not happen.  

Should it have part pieced border with the blue on the outer edges?  Nope, it doesn't look right.

So, I will instead put a blue border and an outer green border and call it a day.   I just want this top done and move on to something else.  This top no longer excites me but maybe after quilting, perhaps I will love it again.  

The more I look at the change in border, the better I like it.  Perhaps this is what should have been done in the first place?  Simpler = better?
Cherish your day, cherish your life!


Frog Quilter said...

Love the new header picture of red and white quilts. So classic!

Jennifer said...

Sometimes simpler is better......and your red and white header is in time for Canada Day!

Jenny said...

Sometimes it's just too hard to work out a solution to Plan A, and that's why this project was put in time out I expect. Your idea for Plan B looks fine, a great simple solution.

Vivian said...

I like the new border (it's no waste!!) and your advice for these trying times!