Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Binding away ....

I've been busy finishing the hand quilting on the quilt for the elderly lady and as it turns out today is her birthday and she is 91 years young.  She will get her quilt today.  Here it is drying on my design wall.  It was a bit hard to match her hand quilting and I hope that she is happy with her quilt and that it is finally finished.  What a delightful surprise it will be for this lady.  I didn't know it was her birthday today but something was telling me to FINISH it.
My fee?  Her small box of hand quilting stuff that came with the quilt.  That is it.  I love tins and this one called to me to keep.  The lady doesn't want it anymore and I was very happy to take it and to me, this box is a treasure.  Funny, eh, how such small things matter more than money.
I was running out of her quilting thread and my garage friend, Darlene, came to the rescue.  No, actually, it was her Grandma's sewing box that came to my rescue.  I brought the quilt with me to sew in the garage and when I mentioned that the thread was running out, Darlene went into the house and came back with a spool that matched the colour.  Thank you Grandma!

This lady's quilt was weighing on my mind and not much else has been worked on lately.  Now that it is done and gone to her, it was time to do something for me.  Sewing binding onto a quilt.
Hand sewing the binding in place. I was able to finish the binding late last night.  Now, it is just needs a sleeve and the label sewn on and washing and drying before I can show you.  That will be for next post.
Ah, yes, it is a good day!

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eloidastitches said...

What a beautiful finish, and beautiful story! I would feel the same way as you about the little tin box being a treasure, especially knowing who it came from, and that you are honouring her by treasuring and using the supplies. Wonderful timing that you could finish and give it to her for her Birthday.

Jennifer said...

What a lovely birthday gift.....I'm sure it will be treasured! A tin of quilting supplies is a treasure indeed. The border fabric for your quilt is rather nice, isn't it? It will compliment the quilt beautifully.