Wednesday, January 30, 2019

An oldie, but goodie!

I'm on a mission to get another UFO to the top stage.  Seven UFO's have been chosen to tackle this year and one of them is already done.  This was on the list and I might as well get it done.  I'm on a five-year plan to tackle my 35 UFO's.  Seven a year will do it.  There will definitely be new starts but ones that can quickly become finished tops.

Pressed Flowers.  This UFO has been hanging around for a long time.  Back in May 2011 and November 2011, I posted about getting borders on.  That didn't happen.

Then finally in January 2013, outer borders finally got added.  Then it got shelved again.

How do I know about all these dates?  My blog posts keeps me informed.   Which is embarrassing, also.  Sheeesh .... I'm such a procrastinator!

Now it is back out again and applique is finally getting added.  My garage friends are helping lots in keeping me on schedule and they are so happy whenever an UFO comes with me to the garage to work on. 
The top left section is done!  The right hand section is being sewn.  Finally, progress is happening!
So, why was I hesitant to do the applique on the borders when that is one of my favourite things to do?  It was the fabric that was the problem.  Too dark for me to use either a light box or a window to trace the applique design onto the fabric. 

There has to be a solution to this problem.  I'll show that in my next post because soon I will be ready to prep another border, but not today.

Winter, winter go away!  This is the winter of cold and snow.  Really, really cold weather.  Lots of snow!  My husband had to remove snow from the shed roof.   Next is our house roof, but we will hire someone to do that for us.
Have a great day!

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julieQ said...

You are just amazing to me...such a gorgeous quilt, every time I click on your blog! WOW!!

Rebecca Grace said...

Did you find a solution already, or do you need ideas for getting the applique design transferred to a dark background fabric? I'm thinking of methods for tracing and transferring quilting stencil designs using template plastic that you trace the design onto with a fine point Sharpie, then cut out with a double-blade X-acto knife to create dashed line channels all along the design, making your own stencil. Then you'd just lay that stencil you made over the quilt top and lightly draw in the stencil holes a dashed line indicating applique placement using whatever marking utensil was appropriate for your background fabric. Soapstone or white Bohin ceramic chalk mechanical pencil would work even on a black background fabric, and you'd have lots of choices (like blue washaway marker, etc.) on your golden beige fabric. This quilt is beautiful and I'm so glad you've got in in the que to be finished this year. Good for you!

Jennifer said...

I remember that quilt......good to see it coming along again! We over here just can't imagine that much snow, and we can't begin to imagine how cold it would be.

Kyle said...

Its interesting what things can stall us on a project. Whatever your solution, it's working. Your border is beautiful. Yikes. You've really been hit with cold and snow. Stay safe.

Lisa in Port Hope said...

The applique really enhances your quilt design, I'm glad you've figured out a way to add it.

eloidastitches said...

Wow, you have been BUSY!! (Just catching up on a few of your posts). Love this top. It is like a sunny day, sparkling with colour. The applique is such a beautiful addition.

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