Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Triangles for a little one

My modern triangle quilt is done and given to my little niece for her big-girl bed.  This quilt is so different from my usual, but it was fun to work on something different for a change.

My niece (her mother) showed me a photo of a triangle quilt that she found on Pinterest and sent it to me with a selection of colours for me to follow.  She knew that I would be adding my own twist to the mix.  Yep, I sure did.  The walls in my little niece's room are all painted different colours that are in this quilt.  What an interesting idea and look.  Her room is definitely not boring and my little niece is quite proud of her room.  My sister and I babysat her on Saturday and I asked to see her room with the quilt on the bed.  My little niece scurried upstairs to her room and closed the door waiting for my sister and I to climb the stairs and when we were all ready, she opened the door with a ta-da.  So funny.
A simple grid pattern was quilted.
A striped binding finishes this quilt perfectly.
The back.  It was time to do something creative with the backing.  I've long admired quilts that have interesting backings and since there were quite a bit of leftover triangles .... well, why not do something with them.
Note to self .... if ever doing a creative backing like this, do an allover machine quilting design.  The horizontal stitching looks not too bad here.
But, when I pan out, you can see where my horizontal stitching line wavers here and there.  Oh well, it is what it is.  I tried really hard to keep the top and back straight and lined up as much as possible when basting all the layers together and didn't do too badly.
It just looks so odd to not have any borders on this quilt.

Quilt details:
Quilt size:  50-1/2" x 77-3/4" (top size 53" x 81" before washing and drying)
Started:  November 2017
Top Finished:  July 2018
Quilt Finished:  September 2018
Batting:  Hobbs poly batting

What else am I working on?

Sewing binding for this hand pieced quilt and using up more of my precious striped fabric.
Adding applique to this border.  Another EPP project almost coming to an end!
Those two items will keep me out of trouble for a few weeks.  LOL

One trunk show was done this past Monday at my night guild.  Another trunk show this coming Tuesday at my day guild and then one more trunk show and workshop in October. 

For the day guild trunk show, my friend and I were asked to spend more time explaining how we did our quilts.  There was a little buzz after the night guild showing and we seem to have sparked an interest.  Oh joy!  Who else can we get hooked doing EPP?

Have a great day!

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Cathy said...

I love doing EPP too. Did you know there’s a place in Canada to buy papers now? It’s called Eagles Wings

Debra Anger said...

Awesome work love your header what a great picture and also know that there is no surprise on how your trunk show was received bravo! I found a list of best bogs on the internet and you are of the top 15 that is very impressive considering how many blogs are out there!,

Jennifer said...

Well done on the trunk shows! That's a great quilt for a small girl. I wouldn't worry about your quilting either - it looks fine from here, and compliments the triangle design so well.

julieQ said...

What a wonderful quilt...perfect quilting!!

Nancy said...

I love the colors and layout of your niece's quilt. Beautiful!

Linda said...

I would have liked to email you privately but couldn’t find the address so I thought I would write here. Is the only ay to get the schoolhouse sampler by Andrea Blackhurst through the Quilt Magazine? I can find any copies and amazon doesn’t have it either. I tried looking up Andrea with no luck. Can ou help?

eloidastitches said...

You do an awesome job on everything! The quilting design is just perfect for this quilt. I am amazed at how well you managed to keep the backing lined up. Nothing to fret about there!! Loved the little story as well.