Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Early morning quilting

It always amazes me how natural lights affects or highlights the quilting on my wall quilts.  This morning, the light showed off my hand quilting on this quilt hanging in our dining room.
This quilt was finished in 2006 (I looked at the label).  Twelve years ago!  Oh my, that seems like a lifetime ago and that was when I did a lot of hand quilting.
My summer quilts are slowly coming out of the cabinets and onto our walls, etc.   How lovely to have a nice selection to choose from now.  Getting tops to the LAer has made a huge difference and one that we are so enjoying the benefits.
I was away at our cottage for a few days.  Very HOT.  Any breeze off the lake was most welcome.   We did have two tornado warnings for our area and I woke up to hail hitting our roof and sides of the cottage.  Not pings, but thuds.  That meant the hail was large in size.  No, I did not venture outside to pick up the hail to see how big they were as my husband thought I should have done.  He is a meteorologist and he would have been outside if he had been there.  He stayed at home in the a/c instead. 🐱🐱

While at the cottage, not much stitching got done.  Reading and babysitting two young great nieces kept my sister and I busy.  Once home, a couple hexie snowflakes got appliqued onto the borders of my EPP project.  More hexie snowflakes will be added to the other two white borders.  Fabric for the outer borders are still being auditioned, but I'm liking this choice so far.   The corners have been figured out and there is just enough fabric to do what I want.  Whew!  That was way too close for comfort.  Mind you, the plain corners don't look bad either.
One major job that needs to be done ..... cleaning up my studio AGAIN.  This will get sorted out and my space will be nice and tidy until the next mess comes around.  What a vicious cycle!  Mess, clean-up, mess, clean-up and so it goes on and on.  LOL
My niece took this photo on our cottage road.  A moose!  We don't see these very often on the road, but the deer flies have been very bad lately and the open areas give the wildlife some relief.
It is going to be very hot again today and then a cold front moves in tomorrow which will trigger storms and possibly some more tornado watches/warnings.  Summertime.

Have a great day!

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Jennifer said...

Moose are very big animals.....and yes, we have seen some! Your hand quilting is lovely and I love that loopy design. Looking forward to seeing the snowflake quilt, it's coming along beautifully......are there more snowflakes to go in the corners?

maggie fellow said...

no mooses in my neighborhood - your quilts are wonderful. I just had to clean my room again:)

Julie Fukuda said...

Be glad your sorting can take place in a studio. Mine is spread all over the living room! Love the summer hanging quilt ... a cool look in hot humid weather we are having here.

Karen in Breezy Point said...

Oh yes--your quilt does look lovely in the morning light! I need to do some major organizing in my sewing space also--it seems like it gets to a point where it's impossible to work! We have had lots of deer flies this year too--I've never known them to be so bad!

Kim said...
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Kim said...

You caught the lighting at just the right time! Really does pop the beautiful quilting and fabric colors in a lovely way.