Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Oopsie Chevrons

I've made a bit of progress on my Chevron Legacy but had an major oopsie along the way.

In my hurry to applique leaves onto the left outer border, I didn't align the leaves to match up to the sequencing on the other borders and ended up sewing leaves that should not have been in that place.  See the leaves pinned to the applique leaves.  That is the leaf that should have been there.  Silly me.
Wouldn't you know it, but the back of the leaves were already cut away.  This is not going to be a walk in the park.  Now what???
Taking my trusted Crayola Washable Marker, the outside of the leaf was drawn all around.  This is going to be my guide line for sewing on the correct leaf.
The leaf has now been removed.  The excess threads will be removed.  Luckily there is enough seam allowance to enable me to carefully pin in place the correct leaf and applique can begin once again.
Here are two leaves that have been replaced.  It was a bit tricky but doable.  So, try it if you make a mistake.  There was a total of five leaves that needed to be replaced.
It was the outer border on the left that had to be corrected.  Now, we are all fixed up and ready for the remaining two borders on the right to be done.  It just irks me that I made a silly mistake in the first place.
Last week, my sister and I went to Ottawa for a few days to visit an aunt and cousin.  We took a bus from our hotel into the downtown core and walked around a bit after supper.  Tulips were blooming and my sister captured the special 150th tulip that The Netherlands developed for Canada.  Can you see the maple leaf in the centre of the tulip?  Isn't that amazing!  The Netherlands have been sending 10,000 tulips every year to Canada since WWII as a thank you for Canada housing members of the Dutch royal family during the war.  Every May, Ottawa has a tulip festival over the course of three weekends with approximately 300,000 tulips blooming.
I had never been around the Parliament buildings and how delightful it was to see the architecture.  What craftsmanship abounded way back when.
I liked the filigree on the rooftop of this building.
Have a great day!


julieQ said...

Your quilt is just so wonderful...I am in love with it!!

eloidastitches said...

What a nuisance, but I have every confidence that you will bring this to a happy end!! Loving the cheerful colours of this quilt. Nice job!

Jenny said...

It was interesting to read about the tulips and the Dutch Royal Family being given shelter in Canada during the war - we didn't know that.
Kind regards, Jenny from New Zealand

Jennifer said...

Well, darn......what a bummer, good that you were able to correct it though! I have seen pictures of the Canada tulip, it's beautiful - a massed planting would be amazing. Interesting buildings, they are so elaborate, wonder if there are many people now who have the skills to do that?

Barb said...

What a beautiful tulip.
I always tell my students, if it bothers you now, it will only get worse as you go. It obviously mattered to you and your solution worked wonderfully.

Mia said...

I love your quilt! Thank you for sharing.

Nancy said...

I just suppose we can't do everything perfectly every time. ;-) I've had to remove applique pieces after the back has been cut out (but it was because I changed my mind about a fabric). I was not sure it would work to applique over the hole -- I envisioned gaps and puckers -- but it worked out okay. It's not something I would choose to do but I was grateful it worked so well.