Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Quilting in the Garage

It has been a while since I last posted about quilting with my friends in the garage.  This past Saturday was our latest get-together.  It snowed a lot overnight but the temperature was a good -6C.  Not bad for venturing out for a day of sewing.

Jeanne and Karin (who is in sunny Florida) were not sewing with us that day.

Let's start with Claudia:

Here is her finished Antique Sampler.  She started this last March and finished it in February this year.  Hand appliqued and hand quilted.  Absolutely gorgeous!
Her hockey top that she is in progress of making.  Now, there is a story about acquiring fabric to make this top.  Both Claudia and I bought the panel and two fabrics at a store in New Liskeard (2 hr. drive north of us) a month ago.  They didn't have much else to go with it.  Then, a few weeks later, I found the remaining fabrics we both needed at a store in Sudbury (1-1/2 hr. drive west of us).  Now, we can both finish making our hockey quilts.  Yeah!
After Claudia saw my sheep quilt, I gave her the pattern and she did her own version.  Love it!
Meet Lois.  Lois was our guest that day for quilting with us.  Lois is president of our day guild and Claudia is president of our night guild.  Lordy, but Darlene and I had to be on our best behaviour that day!  Lois is showing us her bag that uses a piece of metal tape measure as a closure for the bag.
She made two feather blocks.
Here are Claudia and Lois both making one of those bags.
Darlene (who is the owner of the garage) was working on her Antique Sampler.
This is her progress so far.
This is me with Coach (garage dog).  If he is not sitting on Darlene's lap, he is on my lap.  LOL .... I look like I'm snoozing, but actually am working on my Antique Sampler too.
So, it was another fun day and from looking at the photos, gosh so much inspiration abounds at our sew days!

On another note, as I'm sitting here working on this post, a noise to my left gets my attention.  Miss Ashes the Cat is trying to open the door into the treat cupboard. She has the door open but can't get her head inside.  Guess she wants a treat!  LOL

Anyway, the snow banks are getting higher and higher each day.  DH has already snowblowed two neighbours' driveways this morning.  Right now, snow flurries are coming down.  Another good day to stay indoors and work on my Antique Sampler.

Have a great sewing day!


charis Anna's mum said...

I think your group of 'Garage girls' are great and very productive! I particularly like Claudia's antique sampler. I love to hand appliqué and hand quilt, and although I have plenty to finish (and many waiting to be started!) I would love to know where I could buy the pattern for the quilt. I am over here in chilly England, but we have nowhere near the amount of snow that you have. In fact,a light dusting of snow seems to bring everything to a standstill! Best wishes from Carole.

Jennifer said...

Thank you for the show and tell - it's lovely seeing what other quilters are working on! Bianca sometimes gets in our treat cupboard, but she can't get into any food.......just as well, or she would be the size of a house.

Karen said...

The antique sampler is a beautiful quilt.