Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Decorating with quilts

Since I'm still unsettled with regards to not having my studio back in place, why not do a post about decorating with quilts.  This time, I'll show my bedroom.

My niece made a comment that since my bed frame and night tables are now grey, my quilts seem to suit the new colour.  Oh thank you, niece and spray paint!
The cream bedspread was purchased at Walmart.  I wanted a whole cloth quilt and even though I have a kit to hand quilt a whole cloth quilt, this was instant gratification and I'm thrilled with the look for now.  My Secret Garden at the foot of the bed finishes the look.
See my drapes!  I scored a great deal at Fabricland here in North Bay.  Those drapes were $2.00/metre and after buying 6 metres and sewing them up, viola!
These are the quilts on my quilt rack these days.  There is room for one more and once a few more quilts get finished, there will be a struggle to find places to store my quilts.  Yep, I'm running out of room in this huge house to store my quilts.  I may have to get hubby to make me another rack.
Down in my studio, the insulation is done and drywall and then bead board has been added to the walls.  Today, my job will be to do some caulking in preparation for painting tomorrow.  Oh, hallelujah!
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Have a great day!


Summer said...

Nice quilts ♥

Jennifer said...

I like the new bedroom look! When you are back in your 'new' studio it will be better than it will be able to spend your time there much more comfortably.

sandi s said...

I love your bedroom! The colors are so calming. Hugs,

Barb said...

what a pretty room. What a nice post

Jocelyn Thurston said...

sweet bedroom and love your quilt rack with all the lovely quilts.

Debra Anger said...

Wow you have a beautiful show room there so inviting! Quilts just know how to dress up any environment even when they drape on trees as you have done before. I love how your room is coming along I think you are getting close to all reno's being done I think you have worked on every room! I hear you on the quilt storage! I have to think how I am going to store mine.