Thursday, May 21, 2015

No idle hands here

I have been on a mission to get a summer project ready for traveling to the cottage.  Out came my paper templates and pre-cut fabric pieces for my Scrappy Garden. 

When you last saw it, back in February of this year, it was like this:
After putting in a concentrated effort, my project got to this point where all the triangles were sewn into rows.  The rows are not yet joined together.  That part will come later.
It has taken me almost a week to get this section (that you see on the left)  paper pieced.  All those pieces are just pinned onto the design wall. 
Can you see the difference between the area on the right where all the triangles have been sewn together and the section on the left where the pieces are just pinned onto the design wall.  A lot of pins, eh!
Next step is to take three pieces and sew them together to form a triangle.
One triangle down ..... a zillion more to go.  :o)
Yep, it will take me all summer to do that section .... but that is OK with me.  I enjoy this process.

Have a great day!


Chookyblue...... said...

looks great and will be a good project to work on over summer.......

Jennifer said...

That is so pretty.....looking forward to seeing it!

Teresa said...

I am a fan of English Paper Piecing too. Love your quilt! said...

Oh My! Looking great! L

Debra Anger said...

RM you are so ambitious I am sure you will get more than that done! Looks great