Sunday, December 21, 2014

Long awaited sandwich

It has been about 2 yrs. since the last time a large quilt top got basted.  After assembling all my items needed and checking on Ashes (she was fast asleep) ....
 .... I got busy pin basting this top until Miss Ashes had to come see what was going on. 
It feels so good to have a quilt ready for machine quilting.  There are a few more tops that will get sandwiched for machine or hand quilting.  It is time.  With 23 tops waiting in queue, the time has come to tackle them.

Have a great day! 


Jennifer said...

23 tops is a good number! However would you manage without Miss Ashes' help, I wonder?

Prairie Patch Quilts said...

Love the color of the back of the quilt; goes perfectly with the top.

Barb said...

Miss Ashes is sooo fluffy!! what a love
nice quilt! are you machine quilting?
Have you ever tried pin basting on a table? saves the knees no end.