Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Went to the Creek

Black Creek Pioneer Village in Toronto, Ontario for a quilt show on Aug. 17.  The day was perfect, the temperature not too hot.  It was an awesome venue for a quilt show.

Let's meander around the village ...

Quilts were everywhere!  We went early in the day and the crowds were not large.  Photos were easy to take.

 Modern quilts and people in period costume .... an interesting combination.
 We stopped at Town Hall for a trunk show by Sherri Hisey of Border Creek Station

After a light lunch and a bit of shopping at the vendors' venue, we continued on another path with more quilts.

The day was sunny, but there were lots of shady areas and, of course, more quilts.  I do like that quilt on the left!
There were lots of seating scattered throughout the village.  Perfect for when my back starts to hurt from all the standing around.
 There were gardens all around the village and one huge raspberry patch.
Now, this quilt below would be great for using up my solid fabrics that I bought while visiting Lancaster, Pennsylvania this past spring.  I just love that old log cabin behind the quilt. 
It was a perfect day and I had the perfect couple to go with.  Debra and her hubby.

Would I go again .... YES!   This was one of the best quilt shows that I have been to.

Once I arrived back home, guess what was found on our driveway?  This is much, much too early for this to be happening!  Horrors.
Have a great day!


Chookyblue...... said...

what a lovely way to display quilts........and looks like autumn is heading your way...........

Jennifer said...

What an interesting place! I love the quilt in the first picture - lots of autumn-y goodness, although they all look gorgeous. Oh dear is right! But the colours in that leaf are fascinating, aren't they?

Julie Fukuda said...

Time to start playing with fall colors?
Thanks for taking us along to the show.

Josie said...

Great place to hold a quilt show. The quilts look perfectly at home there. Thanks for sharing you day. Aren't the colours in that leaf fabulous! I love Autumn.....xx

CountryGal said...

Thank you for "taking us along" with you! We have a quilt show every May in a venue very similar to this one - always a great day!

Raewyn said...

What an awesome quilt show! I imagine the atmosphere would have been so relaxed and very holiday like. We're starting to see the sights of spring here in NZ which is lovely!!

Cathi said...

Thank you for taking us all along - what a spectacular setting for the quilts!
It does seem that we're getting an early fall!

Barb said...

gorgeous place for an outdoor quilt show!
Hooray for fall colors!