Monday, October 7, 2013

Promise of Spring again

It was time to get back to my version of Promise of Spring project.

The time has come to start working on the third block.

Once I start, there is a need to put the block on the design wall and then stand back to see how it looks.  Are the proportions right?  Hmmm, perhaps that circle vine should be smaller?
Below, the circle vine is now smaller and it looks better.  The leaves just below the big red flowers are not so crowded.  For the big flower stems, what fabric to use?  That green plaid (on the left side) definitely doesn't work.  It blends in too much with the plaid background and gets lost in the overall look.
So, the stems will all be a tone on tone green.
 This looks much better.  What about those circles in the center?  Should the gold circles stay there?
Or should the gold circles look better placed towards the center?  Yes, they do look better there and I am now very happy with the overall look.   The sewing down of all those pieces can now begin and that job will keep me busy in the evenings.
This is the third block in Kim Diehl's version.  Quite different, eh?
Look at the difference between Kim Diehl's final version  ..... 
... and my version .... so far.   I can't help myself, I just have to make it my way!  Oh well .....

Have a great day!

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