Monday, September 30, 2013

Furniture up-do and September OPAM

A little bit of quilting has been going on .... upcoming posts will show you what I've been up to .... but most of my time this past month has been spray painting furniture.  The weather has been perfect; low humidity with lots of sunshine.  Now is the time to take advantage of the nice weather before it turns cold.

I have lived with dark furniture for all of my married life and it was time for a change.  Besides, with so much inspiration on Pinterest, I got hooked to make changes.  So, here is how my dining room looked like before mayhem came for a visit:
Do you see all those dark chairs above?  Well, they are slowly becoming like this chair below.  New upholstered seats complete the look.  Can we say yummmm?  The new stapler works like a charm and is so much easier to handle/use.  It is odd, but the camera has some how picked up a flaw in the fabric that I bought for the seats but there isn't a flaw when I look at the fabric.  Odd, for sure.
Once I got started, our living and dining room quickly became a workshop.  So much sanding and removing upholstery/staples going on. 
I think my DH looks a bit bewildered.  He looks scared to enter through the doorway!  :o)
This table leg ...
.... has become this colour.  DH will make a top for it and it will become a plant stand.  I'm going to play around with tile and grouting.
Two end tables, a magazine rack and the base of an ottoman changed colour:
This is my spray painting station.  It is high up the hill in our backyard.  Who needs a stair climber?
While shaking up my can of spray paint, I get a good view of the tree/roof tops and I can see Lake Nipissing in the distance.
It is so beautiful up there right now .... the leaves are changing colours.
Here is another group of chairs just waiting for their turn to be transformed.
So, for my September OPAM (One Project A Month), there are two completed chairs, 3 dish cloths and a pair of curtains for the dining room.
Have a great day!