Friday, August 16, 2013

My trunk show

Wow ... what a night that was!  Monday, August 12, 2013 at the Northern Lights Quilting Guild, North Bay, Ontario, Canada.   My first ever trunk show and there were quite a number of ladies present to see what I brought with me.  I was nervous at first; then once a comfort level set in, I quite enjoyed myself.
Many thanks to all the ladies that assisted me by holding up my quilts and taking photos and helping to cart all 5 bags of quilts into the meeting and then folding and packing all the quilts back up and carting them out to my car.  Again, many thanks!

A total of 20 quilts, 10 tops and 1 tote bag were presented.  To give you an idea of what went on, here are some photos for you to look at.

A few calls went out to family members to gather up their quilts that I made for them and bring them to me.  Here are a few out on the clothesline drying in the summer air.

While assembling my quilts for the trunk show, Miss Ashes looked very depressed and had to get up on my table to show me that she was not happy about the quilts leaving the house.

Here I am at the start of my presentation.  Do you see all the stacks of quilts on the left? 
My presentation started with my humble beginnings.  This quilt was made in 1983.
The ladies laughed when I gave them the wonky measurements of this log cabin.  If you want to know more about this quilt and how bad it really is, go here.
This lone star was made with cardboard templates, pen and scissors.  This was before the invention of rulers and rotary cutters.  I'm sure a few members remembered those days.
This quilt (below) has quite the history surrounding it and the ladies enjoyed the tale.
My 15 minutes of fame quilt that was in Fons & Porter Sew and Tell section of their March/April 2004 magazine:
This Baltimore style quilt was made to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary:
The guild members asked a lot of questions.  It was hard to remember how I did certain things with my quilts.  A follow-up email was sent with the answers.
I wonder if any readers will remember this swap block quilt.  You can go here and scroll down through my posts to read how this quilt was made.
My orgami hanging brought out oohs and aahs:
A few members were giving my little wall hanging a good once over:
At the end, lovely Laura presented me with a package of FQ's:

Thank you to the Northern Lights Quilting Guild!  It was a honour to be asked.

Have a great day!


Julie Fukuda said...

What a treat for those quilters! It manes me pause and wonder how many of my quilts I might be able to assemble that would be in any condition to show ....

Dolores said...

I'm so glad you got to share your quilts so intimately with other quilters. I know for a fact that it means a lot to be able to look at and talk to a quilter whose work you admire.

Raewyn said...

What fun! Glad they enjoyed your trunk show - and it's good that you did too :-)

Jennifer said...

Well done! Your quilts are beautiful, and if any are a trifle wonky it adds to their you said, you didn't realise at the time they were meant to be any different. After all, they are just as warm once they're on a bed!

Karendianne said...

How delicious seeing the quilts even from a distance. I'm so happy for you and especially the folks that were able to attend the show. Thank you for sharing the experience with us, too.

MARCIE said...

Oh I wish I could have been there! You and your beautiful quilts! I bet you did a great job!

hetty said...

Beautiful quilts! Wish I could have been there to see your trunk show. What a treat that would have been!

Anonymous said...

Hi Rose Marie

Your trunk show was wonderful. I especially like your twenty-five anniversary quilt. What a lot of work.
Always enjoy your blog.