Sunday, June 9, 2013

I took a hint ...

On my previous post, the picture said it all ..... and I took the hint and have been seriously plugging away on hand quilting my Grandmother's Garden. 

After doing 10 rows horizontally, the diagonal rows are being done now.  I might as well do them in sections like this because I can see results to keep me motivated.  For the first half of the top, all the horizontal rows were done first, followed by the diagonal rows.  I got bored and the project got abandoned.

As you can see with this photo, the end of the center portion is in sight.
Lately, my time has been taken up with painting.  I found a milk can through Kijijii and it got spray painted.  People were complaining that they couldn't see our house numbers clearly.  Do you think they can now?  A solar light for night time viewing will complete the project. 
The next job for spray painting will be this chair to be used as an outdoor plant stand.  Another idea that I saw on Pinterest (the milk can was another Pinterest gem)!
Neighbours on the street think that I am so creative. Sorry, but I can't take credit for these projects. Pinterest is my source.

Talking of neighbours, Mr. M gifted us and another two homes on our street with plants after we each completed an outdoor home improvement project this spring.  Talk about kind and generous neighbours!  We love it here on our street and are so glad that we chose this neighbourhood to settle in.

This is our neighbour's gift to us ..... a beautiful clematis plant.  It will be gorgeous once it grows and fills in the wall space above.  Mr. M must have read my mind, since I was planning on buying a clematis for this very spot.  He beat me to it.

Have a great day!


Mary said...

Your quilt is coming along great. Love it. Your other projects are looking good!

Created by Kathi said...

Love your quilt... it is coming right along now that you are working on it... love the milk can address idea too! Thanks for sharing your work and pinterest inspired projects :) Kathi

Jennifer said...

Your quilt will be finished before you know it, at this rate! Is that a red clematis on the tag? Should be lovely......we can't grow them here, it's not quite cold enough.

Quilter Kathy said...

So glad you are making progress on your hand quilting. I find that it really helps to keep the motivation when you can see progress.