Sunday, June 23, 2013

Blog Break

Oh dear .... that time of year again when I take my annual break from blogging and quilting.

Renovations on our home have progressed along quite well, and it is now my turn with the paint brush to do my miracle of transforming things around our home.

To start, there are 3 more of these wall units to paint.  One unit is done and the paint just needs to cure before putting things inside it.

There are chairs galore to be refinished.  On the left, there are 4 of these, in the middle there are 4 of these and on the right, there are 7 to be done.  To help me, DH has purchased a super duper stapler that works off of a compressor.  Oh yes, that will be fun to play with!  :o)
After doing my daily stint of painting baseboards, door frames and doors, I will catch my breath outside on the swing and in the evenings work on hand quilting my Grandmother's Flower Garden.  There has been progress on that quilt and it is on my guild's Round-to-it list for completion by our September meeting.
 We will enjoy the antics of Miss Ashes:
We don't know what will happen with Miss Hank.  She has developed a large lump on her right hip and we will be taking her to the vet this week to have it checked out.
In early August, I will be doing a trunk show for the Northern Lights night time guild here in North Bay, Ontario .  You can't imagine how thrilled it was to be asked!!!  :o)  Also, in August, I will be travelling south to take in a trunk show by Edyta Sitar of Laundry Basket Quilts in Fonthill, Ontario.  At that time, I'll be meeting up with my We 3 Quilters buds and have some fun time with them.

So, my friends, enjoy your summer.


Mary said...

Have a fun summer. Hope all will be well with kitty.

Raewyn said...

Enjoy your break. I hope you get plenty done, and have a little time out for your hand quilting, too.

Sharon said...

Enjoy your summer and keeping positive thoughts for your kitty!

Cathi said...

Have a wonderful summer. I will keep my fingers crossed that Miss Hank is okay!

Jennifer said...

Have an enjoyable break, and a good summer! Sending a pat to Ashes and Hank, I do hope she is all right - she's such a sweet kitty.

Adrienne Cleave said...

Have a wonderful summer...I look forward to seeing all that you have achieved upon your return to active blogging. I hope that Miss Hank is okay.

Deanna W said...

My round to it may get done..not sure. There seeems to be so much to do this summer around the house. Even with moving my sewing room upstairs, I find I don't have time to sit at it. Have a great summer too!

Kim said...

You have a fun summer planned. Sounds nice. Enjoyed hearing that you're quilts are being featured in a trunk show. A nice honor for certain! See you later in the summer. :-D

Jayne Honnold said...

I sure will look forward to seeing the finished chairs, shelves and other painting projects you are tackling. Also, hoping kitty is okay after the visit to the vet!