Monday, July 9, 2012

Unpacked ...

... and ready to play!  :o)

It feels so good to have all the necessary boxes unpacked and sorted.  There are still some boxes but they are for the garage and DH can have the honour of putting that away.  My stuff is done!  :o)  The next thing to do is start hanging up pictures and paintings on the walls and put up curtains.  Then it will definitely feel like home.

For now, I'm just enjoying myself doing a bit of sewing at my sewing machine and what better project to work on than an UFO. 

My pinwheel project was started before we moved from Toronto and I just needed some mindless sewing to do.   All the blocks were done and just waiting to be assembled into rows.  Let the pinning and sewing begin!

Two rows done .... yeah!
All 9 rows done ... double yeah!!  The rows need to be sewn together and borders put on.  Hopefully, this will be done soon.  You know me and borders!!  This is my design wall in my new studio.  It is tall enough at 92" in height and my projects will fit very well now.
This chair is just outside the doorway into my studio beckoning you to enter and enjoy.  I'm still tweaking my studio and photos will have to wait for another day.
The girls are still fighting for dominance over the house.  Miss Ashes (the one standing up) is the aggressive one and she wants to be the queen. 
After a bit of mock fighting, peace is once again restored and all is well.
Have a great day, eh!


Dolores said...

Glad you got the boxes out of the way. You have a great design wall and I'm sure your studio will be very busy in the coming years. Enjoy!
How big a border will you putting on the pinwheel quilt?

Carla A Few Of My Favorite Things said...

I know the feeling of finally getting settled after a big move. Have fun sewing. I am starting to assemble a thousand pyramid quilt this week, wish I had a design wall, but the floor will have to do for now.

Jennifer said...

Unpacked is a good feeling! You have lots of room for the cats to play - they need settling-in time, just as much as people do.

Melanie said...

Positively one of my favorite blocks--- can't wait to see this.......

Cassandra said...

I love your pinwheel quilt!

We just moved into our new home less than two weeks ago. My cats are still fighting as well. I wish they would go back to ignoring each other