Sunday, July 22, 2012

Another UFO or two

Since it has been too hot to do any kind of hand quilting (unfortunately, we do not have a/c with our new place),

it was time to find another UFO where I could do some hand work.

This project was started way back in October 2010 .... yes, I do keep track in a journal of all projects that get started ..... and it was time to take this one off the shelf and continue with it.  These hexagons are huge (see my ruler with the hexagon sitting on top) and are being done using the EPP (English Paper Piecing) method.
 This is the layout:
I have not abandoned this project:
I can work on 2 projects at the same time, can't I?  Anyway, there are 7 more prepped blocks to be sewn together.  A couple of good evening projects to keep me busy.

Have a great day!


Karen said...

I should have kept a journal with start dates on my projects. Maybe it would have inspired (or shamed me) to get those UFO's done.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I keep track of projects also - in a little notebook - I don't on all projects now but most - nice to see someone else does too :) Love the look of this one you are currently making!

Quilter Kathy said...

You can work on a hundred projects at a time!!!
Love each one of these...enjoy!

Sharon said...

I started to track my projects, then gave up. I keep thinking about a digital diary of my pieces, but that hasn't happened either. Love your pinwheel from previous post.....and you can work on 5 -6 projects at one time ;-)

Jennifer said...

You can work on as many projects at a time, as your heart desires! I don't think there is a limit.

hetty said...

I love hexies! That's what I am working on at the moment too. About 5 projects at the same time. Who says there is a limit?

Judy said...

What neat projects! That's a great idea to keep a quilting journal. I've just rediscovered EPP, which is a lot of fun (it's addictive, isn't it?)
Enjoy your day,

Barb said...

good for you to work on UFOS - I should be inspired to do the same.
Your projects looks great! Love the flower gardem

Amanda Best said...

Lovely hexagons! I am starting my Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt and I seem to be seeing them everywhere now, one of those coincidence things I guess. I also have a quilt note book where I keep track of all of my current projects and the dates, which really helps keep me motivated to finish the tough projects!