Saturday, April 7, 2012

Booties galore

While we were visiting my SIL (the same one that did all the quilts in the last post) she brought out a box and showed me the contents. What a surprise to look and see these. Have you ever seen so many baby booties?

There are 2 levels of booties in that box and all will be for upcoming great-grand children. Let's do some math. She has 10 children and they all have at least 2 or more children and now those children are having babies. There are 30 pairs of baby booties in that box ..... I think she will need to knit more!

She graciously gave me 2 pairs to give to my niece for her upcoming baby shower.
Have a great day!


Ali Honey said...

Just lovely. They look so good together I can imagine she will always want to keep the box full!

Janet said...

Your SIl is truly blessed. The booties look wonderful.

Barb said...

Adorable! what a treasure trove of cuteness

Karen said...

Such sweet colors for babies. I used to have a pattern for baby booties that looked like Mary Jane Shoes with white socks. I made a lot of those years ago.