Saturday, December 11, 2010

Quilting tools

Thanks ever so much for all your comments and positive vibes for me to get my klosjes quilt done before the deadline for the quilt show entry. So far, I'm still on track .... yeah me!

There were some questions about what I use for batting and markers. To help you, these are what I use:

Batting - both are by Hobbs. Other brands have been used in the past, but these are consistent with the loft (no high and low spots).
Markers - you can go here to read about my workings with these markers. There are a few do's and don'ts. Just scroll down through the posts.

Thread - these are what I use for quilting thread. This thread doesn't break or snap when pulling on the quilt to make the bed. There is one quilt that needs to be fixed because the quilting thread snapped in places (I actually heard the thread snapping). Also, my thread gets waxed and if anyone is interested, a tutorial can be made up for you.

Needles - the head on these needles are bigger so that the heavy thread slips through the eye fairly easy.

There, now you know what I use for hand quilting.

Have a good day!


veerle said...

Very interesting to see what you use! Some of these things we have in Belgium too. Others not :)

Dolores said...

I loved Newey needles but I can't find them anymore. Usually number 7s. My friends and I use Coats and Clark too. Mettler and Gutterman just knotted too much for us to use.

Dolores said...

Shoot, I just looked - you use button thread? Not Coats quilting thread? That is thick.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, as I teach hand quilting and have done for many years I am always interested what people are using and yes you are using my favourite hand quilting batting.
Have not tried the marking pen, but will.
Enjoy your Sunday


Anonymous said...

Oh forgot I love YLI hand quilting thread and Guetterman

My favourite needles are Clover Between # 12


Kiera-Oona said...

Its always interesting from a newibe standpoint as to what other quilters use. It always helps to get a bit of perspective on different tools and supplies. Especially if someone who is new to quilting doesnt know what you need. Ive been using polyester(and a bit of rayon cause its pretty) this whole time....Jennie went over the reasons I shouldn't, but its what Ive got at the moment.

I will eventually make the switch to cotton at some point.

Barb said...

I use those markers too with great success. I haven't tried the batting, thanks for the info on them.
Enjoy the quilting

maria elena said...

Rose.. felicitaciones por tus hermosos trabajos !! un beso grande desde ARgentina

Purple Morning Farm Country Crafts said...

They are beautiful. I hope some day to be able to do something that well.

Anonymous said...

They are beautiful. I hope to some day be able to do something that well.

Mommarock said...

As a beginner, it is VERY nice to see what you are using in your Applique. I REALLY want to try some applique.. I just havn't found the pattern yet that I'm going to give it a shot with.. but I'm eager and looking. Right now I am working on my first quilt by hand. A hexagon quilt. LOVE IT!