Saturday, May 8, 2010

Catching threads

Bonnie Hunter has a great idea for making a thread catcher out of jeans and I made two (you are only seeing one here).
Instead of using jean legs, I had a piece of denim fabric from my sister's jean skirt that was shortened and the remnant has been sitting in my scrap bin for a while now. Actually, I had just tossed it in the garbage, a few days ago, as I didn't have any idea what to make with it. After seeing Bonnie's post, I went back into the garbage and took it out and made my thread catcher bags.
The only thing different is I sewed in a rectangular piece of plastic so that cleaning out the threads and bits and bobs will be easier. The plastic helps to keep the sides open.
Now, how is that for being crafty and recycling?
See the poster in the background? My SIL gave that to me after their trip to Alaska and to the Yukon a few years ago.
Have a great day!


Barb said...

What a cute thread catcher! Happy Mother's Day!!

Janet said...

I like that idea, great recycling.

hetty said...

Great thread catcher. I love the plastic liner idea! Good way to use up a scrap that was destined for the garbage.

Karen said...

Really good idea about the plastic bottom. I think these might catch on!

Barb said...

great idea - I'm so bad about just dropping my threads on the floor - this is great

julieQ said...

I think that is such a cool idea! I need to make one (or two) too!!