Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year's Flame .....

You know, it is not very often that I share photos and stories of my family, but here are some that can't be missed.

This year, the 2010 Winter Olympics are being held in Vancouver, Canada and the torch is being carried on a path that transverses Canada. On Dec. 31st. (New Year's Eve), the torch passed through Rouyn/Noranda, Quebec.

When the Olympics came to your country, how many of you actually knew a torch bearer? Well, I know someone!

My niece's FIL applied and was chosen to be a torch bearer. He lives in North Bay, Ontario, but was assigned to carry the torch in Rouyn/Noranda in Quebec. So, a bus was hired to bring Dave McMillan and his family to Quebec for the ceremony.

Dave getting a 'good luck' kiss from his sweet granddaugther, Caleigh.
My lovely niece, Nicole and her adorable DH, Jamie with his father.

Receiving the flame from Alison Hearst from North Bay. Alison is a former Olympian (Barcelona '92 and Atlanta '96- Kayaking).

Carrying the flame ..... doesn't Dave McMillan look proud!

Passing the flame to the next torch bearer, a young lady from Huntsville, Ontario.

What a thrilling day for Dave and what a fantastic way to end 2009 ...
Have a great day, eh!
Torch relay tidbits:
Started Oct. 30, 2009 and will end Feb. 12, 2010 which will be the start of the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver.
Torch relay will wind through 45,000 kilometers of Canada and there are 12,000 torch bearers.
It has travelled by plane, snowmobile and dogsled across the most remote northern parts of the country. The Olympic Flame caught a lift on a logging truck in British Columbia, reflecting the province's lush logging industry. It has also travelled by boat, ferry, school bus, tomato harvester, bull, horse, bike, canoe, ice re-surfacer, surf board among others.
Along with the symbolic alternate modes of transportation, the Torch Relay has also marked many other notable moments. It reached the most northern part of any Olympic Torch Relay in history when the flame lit up the military base of Alert, NU. And, when a jet plane landed in Old Crow, YT, bringing the flame to the people of the small community, it was the first time in history that feat had ever been accomplished.
The tidbit information came from here .


Mary-Kay said...

Isn't that exciting? My sister carried the torch here in Windsor and she was thrilled to be chosen. We went to watch and we were really excited just to be there to see it. Everyone along the route showed their true Canadian spirit, houses all decked out in red and white. Lucky for us, it's not as cold as it looks in your pictures.

Unknown said...

This is so great. How far is Vancouver from your place?

Barb said...

What a wonderful story...thanks for sharing it!!!

Bunny said...

What an honour thanks for sharing those wonderful photos. Happy New Year

Marlene said...

What an amazing experience. Thanks for sharing the photos with us.

May Kristin said...

How fun!
Enjoy the Olympics! I can still remember how it was back in 1994 when Norway and Lillehammer was hosting the Olympic Winter Games.
It was amazing!

Unknown said...

The torch came through here (london ONT) on Christmas Eve/Day. Very cool.

Anne Ida said...

How cool is that :o)
Wishes for a very happy new year to you! Hope you will have a happy, healthy and creative 2010!

Pam said...

Great post!! Thanks for sharing the torch is passing through my little village on Feb 4th. It will be exciting to see I am sure.

Barb said...

How cool!
I love the Olympics and can't wait until they begin.
What a honor and great memory for him.

MARCIE said...

Love this inside scoop! Very exciting event!

Sharon said...

Great photos.....I am from Van but now live a stones through from the CA border in Blaine WA. The fever is here....I'll be glued to the tv for those few weeks, sewing my hexi flowers!

BetsyE said...

This is so cool it gives me chills! Congrats!