Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Have to find a name

Usually, I don’t have a problem coming up with names for my quilts; but this one has drawn a blank. I refer to it as ‘embroidered flowers’ for now. Not very inventive, for sure! :o)

Anyway, it is being hand quilted and another week or so and it can be revealed for all to see. Perhaps by then, there will be a proper name for this wee quilt. If any of you have a suggestion, please leave me a comment.
Recently, I won a giveaway from Kathy and this is what she sent to me. The beaded scissor protector is already put to use with my scissors and I just love that candy cane fabric. Thank you, Kathy! :o)
Have a great day!


Barb said...

Can't wait to see the finished quilt....looks wonderfu from what I can see.

Lissa Jane said...

I have trouble naming quilts too.. how about something like 'bloomin' spring' or 'springtime blooms' I can't wait to see this one finished and have enjoyed the pics along the way. I do love that candycane fabric too.. too cute!


Unknown said...

Rose Marie´s flowers :) that´s what comes up in my mind.

*karendianne. said...

I love to come up with names but not sure I have one for this lovely piece.

Really dig that beaded scissor protector. How cool is that? And the fabric - that's fun.

Carrie P. said...

I am not good at naming my quilts. I always get help from my daughter. Congrats on your giveaway.

Cathi said...

I'm not great at naming quilts either.
But that is going to be so pretty -- and hopeful! Gives one hope there's going to be spring eventually! :-)

Julia said...

I love what I can see so far...
How about "A Patch of Blooms"..
That incorperates both p/work and the flowers
Julia ♥

Jennifer said...

That's a pretty quilt, it reminds me of those knot gardens used in Elizabethan England, little flower beds enclosed in a hedge.
Can you please send us some snow, as we are melting in the heat?
Jennifer in Australia