Monday, October 6, 2008

Siggies and quilt shows

I have started on the adventure of collecting siggies. My first block arrived last week from The Netherlands and my first block in return is being mailed today. As well, I am making an extra block and will be doing something with them a long way down the road from now.
It is ironic, but when I first saw the siggies going around, I had decided there was no interest there for me …. and here I am today participating in these exchanges. I find my tastes changing all the time and that pleases me.
Now, for photos of 3 quilt shows (Barrie, Scarborough and Ingersoll), please stop by Debra’s blog to see photos. I made it to 2 of the shows and the quilts were wonderful. Debra is so organized with her photos and there are a lot of them.

While at the quilt show in Barrie, we ran across this couple. It was their jackets that caught our attention and when we commented about the jackets, the gentleman heard us and he opened his jacket and said that the lining was by Jenny Beyer. Now, how about that ….. he is definitely into his wife’s quilting. They were so kind to pose for us. It turns out that the lady is from my hometown of North Bay and she won an award in Houston for her husband’s jacket. It is made out of recycled ties and she used leather in the yolks, cuffs collar and hem. Her jacket is an African theme with applique pieces on top of the background diamonds/triangles. Talk about walking art .... both jackets are wonderful!

Have a great day!


Teresa said...

The jackets are beautiful and the craftsmanship looks fantastic!!!

Good luck on your siggie swap. I have a queen size quilt hanging in my office right now made from these kinds of siggie squares, made from people all over the world. I did mine with a group of Dear Jane quilters - but it is the same block. I have 304 squares and no two were made from the same fabrics!

Anonymous said...

I love siggies too and collected some from bloggers some months ago but have yet to put the blocks together. Your blocks look so pretty, I like the writing around the edges of the center.

Unknown said...

The jackets are amazing.

ale balanzario said...

Wow, those jackets look so great!!

Unknown said...

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