Monday, September 1, 2008

Finish 5 by New Year's Eve

Finn is having a challenge and is calling for folks to join her. What can you finish by New Year’s Eve? What a timely challenge to finish up some more UFO’s. The weather has been cooling down and it will be nice to snuggle up under some quilting. I did really well with Peg’s Finish 5 Challenge and it was so nice of Finn to put out her challenge to work on our UFO’s. There is plenty of time to sign up. If you only finish one UFO ….. well, that is better than none …… right? And with four months to work on them, I know that I can finish at least one and I will be so happy with that outcome. Here are my projects:

# 1 Jacket This is my leftover challenge from Peg’s Finish 5. It would have been done by now, except life got in the way when I hurt my back. What is left to be done? Well ….. a collar, cuffs, pockets, binding and buttons.

# 2 - 25th (oops … 30th) Anniversary quilt for my sister and BIL. My plan is to assemble the remaining blocks into a completed top and then sandwich it ready for quilting. It will not be quilted by New Year’s Eve that is for sure. I have until June 30th, 2009 to complete this quilt. 

# 3 Dresden Plates - To be quilted, add some appliqué, binding and label to finish this quilt.

#4 Just Leaves - To be quilted, binding and label put on to finish this quilt.

# 5 Falling to Pieces - I’m not sure about this piece. I do have a vision and my goal will be to finish the top only and then if I really like what I’ve done, then I will finish it.

So, now you know what I will be busy working on for the next few months. What will you be doing? 

Have a great day!

P.S. A few stitches a day is all it takes! :o)


Kim said...

Lovely quilts, great finishes! I like your falling to pieces, I can picture it and it's going to be fabulous.

What am I going to work on? Painting the workshop building and a new roof on top. No sewing going on here for a bit. Such is the life of a do it yourselfer.

Unknown said...

I am going to finish five before end of July ;)

Brenda said...

Beautiful quilts. In August I finished 7 UFOs, very pleased with myself. I will stop by her site and check it out. Keep up the great work!

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

We always need a challenge...will pop over and sign up...look forward to watching your progress on all these lovely items Rose Marie

Teresa said...

Good luck in meeting your goals. I have several I want to finish as well, but not sure I want to publish my goals, lol, as they keep changing!

Deb said...

Rosemarie.. your quilts and Jacket are lovely.. as always your work is immpeccable!! Glad that you are back at it again so that we can see your wonderful works.
Since you asked...
I am currently working on Piece of Cake Aunt Millie's garden. I will be posting pics as soon as the batteries are charged on my camera.. I have 4 done. Also appliquing a wonderful quilt called Sally was a free BOM on . if anyone wants the pattern she has it on her site for sale.
There is a pattern in the American Patchwork Quilting mag also I am picking fabs out for it is on pg 73 called "Reach for the Stars" it is a King size broken star pattern that is just awesome!!
So glad that fall will soon be here we can put our gardens to bed and make quilts all winter.
The wonderful life of a quilter.

Unknown said...

Rose Marie - following your progress with UFO's etc up to July - I eventually bit the bullet last week and started a blog with the aim of finishing UFO's to photograph for incorporating in the blog - I've now got the extra incentive of the challenge Finn's running to give me a boost (plus trying to get a sewing room organised)

Anonymous said...

i love the leaves design, great colours.
i have been trying to catch up with my looses ends too,
take care

Vicki W said...

Good luck with your challenge!

annemariesquilt said...

Good luck with your challenge.. Ilove your Dresdenquilt!

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

Hi, I am also in that challagne, i hope for 4. BTY Thank you for the birthday wishes, your name is in the basket. Good luck, Jane
PS Happy Birthday to you too!