Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Package in Mail and Snow

I have a package from Julie at Problem is ... I'm at my Mom's in North Bay and the package is in Toronto! Darn, darn, darn. My husband has opened the package and told me there is an Australian magazine in it. Double darn!

Julie had asked me about my hand quilting and what brand of batting (wadding) that I used. Since it's not a well known brand, samples were sent to her along with a Fons and Porter magazine. Julie has graced me in return with an Australian magazine. So, I will have to wait until I return home next week to drool.

After almost a week of hot, humid weather, we had snow yesterday! My sister and I were busy bees hopping around covering all the perennials and annuals. There is a family wedding in July and the flower beds need to be at their best for that day.

On Saturday, there is going to be a quilt show here in North Bay. I'll have photos to share next week.

Until then, you have a bunch of great days!

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Joyce said...

At least you will have something exciting to come home to!