Saturday, June 16, 2007

French manicure or jelly roll

These are all I bought at the North Bay quilt show. What is wrong with me? Surely there could have been more temptation at each vendor’s booth?

Must be all the fabric diet challenges currently out there that has linked a subliminal message to my brain and it was turned on. :o)

I had been looking at buying this Sunshine by April Cornell jelly roll for quite some time. It was there at a booth, but I actually walked away from it. It drew me back.

Soon after buying this, I met up with my sister and niece. They had just returned from having French manicures and were going to do a quick walk around the quilt show. They asked how much for the jelly roll. When I replied, $45.00 (I am not going to rant, I am not going to rant) they both went …. ugh …. and started to laugh because they admitted to each spending more than that to have their nails done and it only lasts for 3 weeks. Sheeesh!

So, a French manicure or a jelly roll. Which would you have spent your money on?

I’m traveling again tomorrow and will be away for another week, so won’t be able to do much blog visiting and leaving comments. Yikes, just when I got caught up.

So, you all have a bunch of great days!


Lynda (Granny K) said...

Hi Rose Marie, thanks for dropping by my blog and for your lovely comment on my quilt.
I would definately choose the jelly roll - I just cut my nails short, and so long as they don't snag my fabric - i'm fine with that!

Pam said...

I definitely would have the Jelly roll over the manicure -LOL

I have yet to buy a jelly roll -- but I am thinking I need one :))

~Bren~ said...

The jelly roll for sure! Have a great trip.

Tanya said...

It's the jelly roll all the way around! I bet you aren't going to get many quilt bloggers to admit they'd want the french manicure! Course my non quilting friends wonder why I spend good money and time to playing with what they consider thowaway scraps...

Angela said...

Fabric everytime! LOL Thank you for joining us in our Pincushion Exchange.

JoAnna said...

Yay for Moda Sunshine!! Sometimes it's not quantity but quality and these fabrics are just so lovely!

Patti said...

The jelly roll, absolutely! No question about it. When I sew the pins and needles mess up any manicure I might have gotten!

Anonymous said...

I am looking for a jelly roll of the "Sunshine" collection by Moda.
Can anyone help me find it? I'm not having much luck. Please email
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can help. Thanks much and happy