Friday, April 2, 2021

Getting borders on!

The centre of this top is now complete .... time for the borders!

There will be red gingham inner border and then blocks of different dark red fabrics for the outer border.

Then, you are probably wondering what is going on with this dark beige piece in the side setting triangles?    I wanted to continue the look of the dark beige seams into the setting triangles.  These will be appliqued in place.  But why?  I did consider cutting smaller triangles and squares and sewing strips but nixed that idea because I did not want to see white seams in those triangles.  That meant that the seams had to be ironed to the inside but so are the seams in the joining areas above and below that piece and that would have been so difficult to keep it smooth and flat.  How to get around that problem?   Applique is my solution.  I so love it when a solution is at hand for making something impossible ..... possible!
On Wednesday, my sister and I drove out to see our brother to help celebrate his 71st birthday.  All of us sat in their living room, distanced apart and we all wore our masks.  We decided not to have cake and refreshments as that would have meant taking our masks off.  Keep it safe and that is what we did!

Yesterday, more elastic was purchased to make more masks because despite having more and more humans vaccinated, those variants are floating around and we will still need to keep wearing masks even after vaccination.  Hubby and I are waiting for our age groups to come up so that we can then register to get ours.

Along with the elastic, some red fabrics for borders were also purchased.  Already, plans are underway for my next UFO to be removed off the shelf.  Cottage season is fast approaching and that project will be my handwork over the next few months.  More about this later.

Cherish your day, cherish your life!


Kyle said...

I like how you're extending that striping the outer triangles. It keeps your eye moving. Appliqueing is the perfect solution.

Chookyblue...... said...

this looks great......stay safe with covid.......your still doing it hard there......