Sunday, February 21, 2021

Dusting ....

..... as in dusting off an UFO!

It was time to take this project off the shelf and work on it.  

My original plan was to make a lap size quilt by adding an applique border to the top and bottom.  In the end, it will be a wall hanging instead.  This is the start of the layout.  

Oh yes, I'm loving this a lot!
At the same time, bags and bags of batting are being sorted.  One batting has already been assembled.  A few more to go.

It has been very cold up here lately.  It is February and the cold weather is expected.  The days are getting longer and soon the temps will start to warm up.  Spring will start to show up in about two months.

Hard to believe that we have been in lockdown for almost two months now.  The lockdown will continue in our area as the variant is here now.  I'll be wearing two masks now when I do my groceries.

Cherish your day, cherish your life ..... wear two masks, wash your hands, keep your distance and don't gather to celebrate any event.  Life is too precious for everyone!


Jennifer said...

Oh yes - I remember those apple cores! Love the applique, it adds just the right finishing touch.

Gretchen Weaver said...

The applique certainly brightened up the applepeels, happy stitching!

Kyle said...

The addition of the applique in the border is great. It has a Pennsylvania Dutch style. You do have a "little bit"! of batting. It will be interesting to hear how many free batts you create.